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Anjuman Mofidul Islam of Bangladesh - tireless Welfare of humanity

Friday, September 27th, 2019 , by
Anjuman Mofidul Islam of Bangladesh -  tireless Welfare of humanity

Anjuman Mofidul Islam of Bangladesh deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Bangladesh is a land of about 20 million people. However, the nation won the Nobel Prize only once. Muhammad Yunus receives the first and only Nobel Prize for the country. He got the Nobel Prize for Peace.

But Bangladesh expects another Nobel prize in peace. Twenty-seven times so far, an organization has received the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Anjuman Mufidul Islam is one of the largest social welfare organizations of Bangladesh. Anjuman means an organization, Mufidul means public service, and Islam means peace. Surat resident Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammed Duple founded Anjuman Mufidul Islam in Calcutta in 1905. Silently, the organization has been working for the welfare of the poor for years.

Its principal function is to bury unclaimed dead bodies.

In the early twentieth century, riots and violence between the Hindu and Muslim communities killed many. The bodies were dumped all over the street or in a nearby river. At that time, Seth Ibrahim Mohammed Duple appealed to the British government to allow the dead bodies to be buried in the Islamic system. After the partition of the country, Anjuman's office was set up in Dhaka on September 8, under the initiative of the then Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. SM Salahuddin. In 5 years, they have buried 6,213 dead bodies.

Donation is the main sources of income of this organization. Also, there is a Trust Fund as a one-time grant. Anyone can make a trust fund by donating more than four lakhs. The money is kept as a permanent deposit in the bank. Of the dividends, 20 percent is added to the capital, while the remaining 80 percent is spent on the donor's will.

One of the services they provide is the free ambulance service across the country.
Anjuman runs several educational institutions throughout the country to provide a suitable education for orphans and other disadvantaged children. After passing secondary school, orphan children are taught technical training is to develop a work-oriented education. However, if one is interested in general education, he can study at his own expense.

Anjuman Mufidul Islam has taken relief activities for Rohingya refugees. Two years have passed since a large number of Rohingya neighbors were forced to flee to Bangladesh due to clashes between Myanmar security forces and the Rohingya Muslim militants.

Not just this humanitarian disaster, Anjuman has always stood by the people. They distribute warm clothes and blankets to the poor throughout the winter season. Anjuman has a poverty alleviation project to help poor people to work. It also assists the government during the disaster and distribution of winter clothes and relief to the poor and helpless family members. Their role in medical care and rehabilitation is also commendable.
Besides, Anjuman Mufidul Islam also provided medical treatment to Muslims during the World Ijtema, the second largest gathering of Muslims in the world for more than half a century.
Each of the activities of the organization is managed by a separate committee. Anjuman's public works are spread all over the country. These branches are operated by the local people. However, following the rules of Anjuman Mufidul Islam, they have to work.

The organization received the Independence Day Award, Islamic Foundation Award, Mohammed Ibrahim Smriti Gold Medal, Dhaka City Corporation's City Medal of the Year with various awards and honors for philanthropic work. They want to carry on generation after generation through the reputation of the institution which has become the norm of humanitarian service.


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Mohamed Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

Mohamed Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

  • Thursday, 17 June 2021 05:04
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I want to donate (Wakf) my 3 & 1/2 khata (2520 sft) plot in Kushtia housing estate for build-up an Orphanage. May I know this great Charity organization are able to build-up and manage an Orphanage in Kushtia city with your cost and management.