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Ayodeji Olaleye

Sunday, November 19th, 2017 , by
Ayodeji Olaleye

For me, writing a tribute dedicated to you is a great honour and privilege. Your outstanding qualities far exceed what words can put together or measure. But words even in their obvious descriptive flaws are the best men can afford to describe the impact and value of great men - so, I will spare no ounce of it at my disposal to tell the world that "greatness lives in men, in you sir."

I could remember the first night we met, not really meet to talk, the first time I saw and heard you speak. It was a long chilly night on campus. We were preparing for a stage play to be performed to over 3500 people. I recall vividly your funny gestures, your patience, funny and witty sayings, manner of blocking and correcting actors on the rehearsal stage and greatest of all, your passion for the work and ministry!

I have not been able to beat that, no one I have seen has beat your zeal for drama. You do not do drama or movies nor do you just act it or direct them, you live it! Sometimes I wonder why you introduce yourself as someone who is into the movie industry. One look at your face gives you away. All the time.

A wise actor/director once said,"To be good in acting, you have to be a crazy person. People must look at you and wonder if you are crazy. In your room when you wake up, you start acting your given role. On the road, you rehearse. Everywhere you go, you keep acting. Some people think I am crazy. You cannot be a good actor and appear normal". There! You said it! It gets me cracked up when I remember it but really inspires me to do more. You inspired me to act, write, direct and produce. I never thought or knew I could do that. Some people say I am good at acting and directing, I laugh it off and say, "You don't know what 'good' really means. When you see the best (you), you will abandon the word 'good'". You could even sing. I was not born to lead songs or sing, I know it. Very sad.

Then came the opportunity to work with you on the I-dentity movie set. It was nothing short of the best feelings I have had. Those and many more are the ways you have inspired young folks like me. Always ready to teach, to minister, to be a blessing. Never complaining, very funny and always humble. But I am here to pay tribute for something much more personal than these, more than your contribution to the industry and drama groups as a professional.

I engrave my words to this great stone called "Tribute" to show my personal appreciation for always being the father figure that guided me in some crucial decision making times. Your advice while I was coordinator was immeasurable. Your continued support towards everything I did and especially to Tracy Weak-ends, my short movie still overwhelms me. You have been amazing and I could never pay you back. All of us who have learned immensely from your undying, stubborn passion can never pay you back.

We would "Give It Up", everything we got, to show that we share an amazing "I-dentity" with you even if we were in a "World In Coma" and not in a "Black Market" and we are so sure that you would never disappoint us and we would always hear your lovely voice at our back saying "Hello", and ready to guide us.

Stay blessed sir. I love you sir.

P.S: Words quoted in the last paragraph were movies he has directed in an amazing, creative way.



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