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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 , by


 You make my life rich. You make my mornings bright and my evenings warm. I light up when I see your message on the computer. I sulk when the time difference means you have to say goodnight when I feel like the day is just starting. I sulk when the time difference means I have to say goodnight when we’re having fun.

I was very lucky that we met – sometimes I forget exactly how lucky, how chance pushed us together in a random chatroom on a random website when we were just kids, and how we talked a bit, but not a lot. We made friends, but only distant friends, and then we didn’t talk for a while, until suddenly we talked every day. Every day for years now. I’ve known you since 2007, and that makes close to 3650 days of talking.

Without you, I would not be where I am, I would not have walked the path I have. You helped me when I felt like I was drowning in difficulties at school – you would always be right there at the end of the day, to help me up and dust off the tears and say something cheerful.

We’ve wandered through so many ups and downs together. I can hardly remember a quarter of them, but they’ve all been anchored in a firm recognition of trust and support, no matter what it is that’s going wrong. We consider each other’s feelings, look after each other, and do our best to make the bad times bright and the bright times brighter still.

We have amazing fun – games, films, writing, talking. Even with an ocean between us, there’s always lots to do, and I enjoy your company so much. I do miss hugs when you’re so far away, but just being able to talk to you and spend time with you is enough to make me a very happy person. Whenever I find something new, exciting, or weird, the first thing I want to do is share it with you and see what you think. Our endless gaming adventures, our struggles with online voice chats and our ridiculously late nights make me so happy just thinking about them.

When you come to stay, projects, silliness, giggling, board games and excitement fill the days, and I so look forward to the next time we can do that. Inventing recipes, trying new things, laughing at your adorable face when I gave you shandi to taste. Our fun in the snow, the excitement of skating together, being frightened by the London Dungeon, and exploring Warwick castle – so many adventures which we shared over our few meetings. Not to mention the concert after the double-chocolate-chip-with-extra-chocolate-chips-extra-large-chocolate-frappucino – I’ve never laughed that hard before.

Writing a tribute to you that talks about everything you’ve done is impossible: there are uncountable hours to our friendship. You are a part of me, your enthusiasm and encouragement and affection always offering inspiration and comfort, in good times and hard ones. I hope you know how amazing and special you are; no writing, no tribute, can ever describe it.


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