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Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by

Calculasian is a Chinese A Cappella group with 6 members: Ziming, Xu, Bob, David, Alex and Chen.

Inspired by Pentatonix, they started with “Evolution of Chinese Music” and received encouraging feedback from netizens.

Then, they continued producing various amazing covers of Chinese as well as English songs. For instance, “Starry Night”, “The Legend of Joe Hisaishi”, “Yellow” and many more.

I especially like their Brightest Star in the Night Sky which was originally by Escape Plan. Calculasian’s cover is very soothing and calming which brings the feeling of peacefulness. Recently, they have just released their first album. Instead of merely producing covers of existing songs, they even included a song composed by Ziming!

Their enthusiasm motivates me to work towards my life goals and never give up, even in the face of adversities. Despite the hardships faced in the process of their album preparation, they were determined to produce quality music.

Such determination as well as positivity drives me to continue moving when I am discouraged. Also, they are very friendly and easy-going, in which they do not put on airs when interacting with their fans.

I wish them the best not only in their development in music, but also in their personal life and will continue supporting their amazing music.

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