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Candle light to the Lost Souls

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 , by
Candle light to the Lost Souls

You are my second parents. My guides to the unknown world. Light to the gloomy roads. Support for the difficult battles. Without you, I would be lost in this confused planet. You are the angels from the heaven to show us the right path.

Every letter I right, I owe you a thank. You are the crafter who took my hand and show me how to write, how to draw. Many letters words are meaningless without your kindness. World famous writers poets once nurtured under your shade.

You taught me how to share, how to be polite, how to respect people.  Those are the pillars which I built myself in this vast society. When we are on the top and celebrating the success, you humbly remain happy and still with the unconditional compassion.

There is no engineer without a dedicated teacher, there is no doctor without a hard worked teacher. There is no scientist without a faithful admirer. There is no businessman without an inspired guide. Some teacher in everyone’s life has shown the path to the ultimate success. That’s why Robert frost once said: “I am not a teacher but an awakener”. Teachers are the awakeners of the best version of each tiny soul.

My dear teachers, you are the burning candle to light up our lost souls. The shining sun who blossomed the unborn buds, lively air to the tired hearts. Each student once inspired learned through you will one day treasure your existence in their life. Even though you are far away or gone forever the many souls you have taken to the right path will be thanking you forever for being the candle light to their lost souls.

“A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops”  - Henry Adams


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