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Coffee Love

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 , by
Coffee Love

Coffee wakes me up. It relieves my stress by making every day better. And it tastes wonderful. I love coffee.

Anyone who wakes up the morning usually needs a pick me up, something that gives them a jump of energy and happiness. Coffee does just that. You can love Starbucks, your local coffee shop, or your own home brew. It proves that everyone loves and needs coffee.

Coffee brings us all together. You may drink black coffee, espresso, lattes, or any other kind of coffee. It doesn't matter. We all find something in common with coffee. It inspires love and friendship. From first dates to friendship hangouts, coffee provides a way for people to come together.

I love coffee for so many reasons. I love it for its flavor, for the energy it provides me throughout the day. Thank you coffee for making my day better.


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