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Tom was one of the most optimistic people I've ever met. No problem was big enough to alter his belief that it couldn't be overcome. He was enthusiastic about everything he was involved in, but particularly about the people and mission of Oxford Metrics, Vicon and Yotta. He was so proud of us and when he spoke about the businesses you could tell just how much he believed in what we were doing. Tom gave never-ending amounts of support to us at Yotaa as we transitioned the company and his energy and dedication meant that we could focus on other parts of the company knowing all the while that the areas Tom was looking after were in the safest of hands. He played a big part in providing strong foundations to the business and I hope that he knew how valued he was by us. I also don't think I've ever met anyone so generous in praise for his colleagues; he never missed the opportunity to tell me about just how good someone he had been working with was. A rare quality, indeed.

I can't sum up my words into anything more than saying that he was a bloody good bloke and that I'm so glad to have known him.