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I echo every sentiment said about Tom here, a colossus of a human with a touch of the kindest human being you could ever possibly meet.

My communications with Tom were always amazing " I'm just in Goa right now, but let me explain..." "Just landed in Adelaide but here is your answer..." or "I'm just wrapping this audit up but the details are....". His response was always fast, precise, and humourous with a sense of personality dripping through the typed word. Never was his time too precious for you or anyone.

Learning of his WW1 research we both enjoyed looking at some of the pieces my parents-in-law had from this period, I recall the sense of holding this pocket watch in front of him like he and I had just discovered the rarest of finds, he gave so much detail on what that watch meant and where it would have been with the grace of the worlds best historian.

Being a forces brat he knew exactly my life before I said a word, it felt like he had watched me from afar and provided a connection to me that was father-like. I feel privileged to have shared the same space with Tom let alone work for the company he helped found.

Thanks, Tom for sharing your time with me.

The deepest of condolences to Cindy and all the Shannon Family.