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I only had the chance to meet and talk to him on a couple of occasions during my visits at Vicon but I am well aware of his talent, passion and what he has created.

The last time was like 5 years ago or so (in the previous building), I visited vicon for a couple of days and one of them was dedicated to mocap. So while we were collecting some data in the data collection room (I was the subject wearing a suit with a full marker set), suddenly the fire alarm went on. We had to evacuate the building and I realised that it was a testing procedure. Tom was keeping the time of evacuation and when he saw me fully loaded with markers he said to me with a big smile in his face, “oh, so it is you today”, so we chatted a bit while waiting all to come out.

He has inspired numerous young scientists and has been a legend in our area. My sincere condolences to his family.