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Tom Shannon was a wonderful person with a huge personality. His passion for biomechanics and technology was as infectious as his laugh. He was a giant in many ways. His intellect (which was formidable), or the fact that he helped create an entire industry from nothing (motion capture). But given how unwaveringly humble he was, you’d never know this. Tom had a way of making everyone feel important which speaks to what a good person he was. From my first interview with Tom (almost 20 years ago) I could tell he wanted me to have the right answers (practically leading the Canadian horse to water.....).

Tom was a mentor to myself and many others. He went out of his way to mentor, to encourage, to teach and to support many people including me for which I will be eternally grateful. He was giving of his time and knowledge, encouraging me on many occasions to pass this forward; doing for others what he did for me; giving them opportunities. The world was a better place with Tom in it. I’ll miss his infectious laugh, I’ll miss him as a mentor, I'll miss his advice, I'll miss him as a friend, I’ll miss him. If I achieve half of what Tom did in his time I would be a lucky man. - he set a very high bar.

My love and thoughts are with Cindy and the rest of Tom’s family.