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Some say that true genius is being able to distill complexity into simplicity and communicate it with clarity. On my second ever trip to England, and my first with Vicon, Tom scheduled me for the Vicon 101 tutorial. In a mere 45 minutes, Tom was able to give me the fundamentals of the science, the approach to the design of the system and the systems performance highlights and limitations. I walked out completely understanding what the company had ideated, designed and built and felt prepared to educate customers on our capabilities. I learned so much from Tom, and feel like I had a special relationship with him - but I suspect that everyone who came into contact with Tom felt exactly the same way. Most associate genius with intelligence quotient (iQ). Using that measure, Tom was certainly a genius. But I also choose to measure genius with emotional quotient (EQ). Tom possessed both and utilized them in the most disarming and collaborative way imaginable. I count myself among the few whose life has been massively improved through my contact and relationship with Tom. I have and will miss him dearly, but will always have a little bit of Tom with me - thanks his extraordinary effort to make me feel special. Tom proves that leadership can (and should) be empathetic, sensitive and relationship based. Thank you Tom.