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There are many names that I knew Tom by, Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Shannon. Tom, Thomas, Tigger, but that one that always comes to mind when you thought of him - Legend! Like many have already said, Tom was Humble, Intelligent, and always there to help in any way he could, even when my waters broke at the office at the end of the day - he offered to take me to the hospital... but then remembered he had driven in the MX5 that day and feared it was too low for a heavily pregnant lady to get in and out of.

Tom was infectious, his laugh, his manners, and just his presence, I feel very honored to have worked with Tom and to have known him. The world is certainly a duller place without Tom.

Sending my love to Cindy and the rest of the Shannon Family, and a belly rub for Tim.

Bounce high Tigger x