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I echo every sentiment said about Tom, a wonderful person with a huge personality and infectious laugh.

Like others, Tom was a mentor to me. I had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Tom Shannon during my master's thesis. He was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, humble, and provided a lot of encouragement and support throughout. Tom and I often reminisced about my brain scanning data collection and the fMRI report which is still used to this date. His passion for biomechanics and technology was one of the reasons I wanted to work for Vicon.

Whilst at Vicon, Tom was always the first to congratulate, support and teach me the world which is motion capture even the legal side (ISO audits and MDR processes to name a few....). I will miss you, your advice, mentorship and company.

Vicon will not be the same. All my thoughts to Cindy, Tim and the family.

Ta Tom and thank you for everything.