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Ali was the life of every party and the light and joy he brought into this world will be so dearly missed. He was so easy to love and he created connections absolutely everywhere he went. I feel so lucky to have known him since childhood and to have gotten invited in for delicious home cooked dinners and big living room dance parties. His was a life very well lived full of stories that will continue to be told by his wonderful family.

I have plenty of priceless memories of Ali (many as an embarrassing teen in his house), but my favourite memory was a surprise party held for me when I got my Master's degree abroad but couldn't attend the ceremony. I walk in to find Ali there in his full university regalia ready to give a speech and formally present to me a cheesy fake degree as a placeholder in front of friends and family. Because of course he was, he was always ready to celebrate and make things feel extra special and add his easy laugh and smile to all occasions. I am so grateful for those moments.

Ali you were so loved and you will be so deeply missed. My heart is with you and your family.