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He was a life (and organization) changer.
There is nobody can bring people together, motivate people, and change the entire culture of an organization for the better - like Ali. I remember alot of what he's said to me other the years but three things in particular stand out because they speak to how he managed, led, and lived:: 1) " ... always ask about the culture ... ask ‘what is this place like? ’and ‘what makes this place special'?"; 2) "You need to get out there and speak more to and about the culture of the organization which is the glue that holds all of this together. The culture is what cannot be replicated. We may have the best and most innovative programs in the world and these things can be replicated. What cannot be replicated is the culture"; and 3) "Performance Management: should not only look at what you’ve done but also look at what you want to do and how we (the organization) can support you to do it. In performance reviews I ask ‘what can we do to help you achieve your dreams?" ... Such a kind, dignified, ambitious, brilliant, talented, capable man who was an inspiration to all. Love to Ali and the entire Dastmalchian family - Thank you for being the glue that always brought and held people together. May you continue to do so in your own way ... the world needs you.