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It’s funny, I never knew Ali Dastmalchian was younger than me. He had the wisdom of a man who had experienced a lot when I met him, in the spring of 1994. I was 46 and making application as a student in the second MBA cohort. Ali must have been 39 at the time, though he portrayed an older and much wiser Director of MBA Programs. He told me he thought my small business background might contribute to the broader perspective of the cohort and welcomed me into the MBA program. His confidence in me gave me the confidence to succeed as a student. I loved being back at school and continued on to get my PhD. I was honored that Ali Dastmalchian, now Dean of Business attended my dissertation in 2002.

Ali Dastmalchian was that kind of teacher. He was loyal to his students. When Ali helped you, it was never a quick fix. He helped people; he remembered them; he went back one student at a time to follow up and make sure each one was doing well. Ali paid me a visit when I was an Assistant Professor at California State University, East Bay.

Aloha…Ali Dastmalchian. You will always be remembered as a loyal friend, a mentor, and an excellent example of what a professor can be.