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I’m deeply saddened by this terrible news. Ali was such a good man who touched so many people so positively. Many years ago, Ali hired a whole bunch of us in the very early days of the UVic Business School. He set a tone for the place that was serious about the job we had to do, but equally serious about making it a warm, fun, trusting, connected community. He led with love.

As a friend and colleague, Ali taught me a great deal over the years, especially about how to live a full and balanced life as an academic. Even though I left UVic as he was coming back, his deeply human approach to being an academic has always been a real touchpoint for me. When I think of meeting up with Ali over the years, what stands out to me is his ongoing, irrepressible excitement for the contributions and the potential of the people around him. Every lunch, beer or dinner was an opportunity for Ali to share his current sources of optimism, joy, and passion, in regards to the people he was working with as a Dean, his research colleagues, and especially his family.

I’ll miss him very much. My most sincere condolences to Ann, Niki and Kia, and to all of his many close friends and colleagues.