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اگر چه اندوه بزرگی بر قلب ما سنگینی میکند ، او تنها به آغوش خداوند بازگشت که بالاترین آرامش روح آدمیست. تو نیز آرام باش از خدا میخواهم او را در سایه رحمت جاویدانش قرار دهد و ما را برای دیدن جای خالی او شکیبا سازد
Ali had the biggest heart not only for his staff, but also for the students. He was kind, generous, and a wonderful leader who took pride in being present and engaged. He remembered the smallest details and it really showed how much he cared for his interactions and how meaningful those were to him. Ali was a true inspiration to many, and it is with a heavy heart that I say, he will be truly missed.