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I am so grateful to have worked with and gotten to know Ali. His leadership at the Beedie School of Business was exceptional. Ali elevated everyone with his soft-spoken, yet firm advocacy for a culture of community at Beedie, where everyone mattered. In one of my first meetings with Ali he said he want to create a place where there are no titles on the office doors. only our names, because he believed that we are all important to the success of the school and that titles can be divisive. It was easy to feel comfortable with Ali, to trust him and entrust in him the oversight of the school and the people who work and learn here. His video updates are a perfect example of the way Ali made himself vulnerable to further cultivate a warm, welcoming, celebratory, and humourful community. I do and will miss Ali as a dean and colleague. My heart goes out to each of you as you acclimate to his absence and draw strength from the community he has created and sustained through his effort, care, and support.

May peace be with you.