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Like so many others, Ali has had an overwhelming impact on my life and career path. I am honored to have worked with Ali for many years on unique projects and programs. Ali seemed invincible, and a bit of a quiet super-hero, so this loss comes as a great shock.

From Ali I learned about generosity, collaboration, humility, attention-to-detail, creativity, and to not be afraid to change your mind on a whim. Watching Ali present to a group was magical. His enthusiasm for any new idea was contagious, even if it was highly implausible. (With wild arm waving, some pacing, and a white board, Ali could convince you about anything!).

From Ali I learned that every single person in an organization or on a project matter - "it's like a big carpet and every thread counts". I learned that humor and practical jokes are key to enjoying your job and for making a memorable impression. I also learned that brilliant minds never sleep…and they expect the rest of the universe to also be online at all times. ;-)

We are so lucky to have Ali and his legacy in our world. I adored him, cherished him, and already feel his loss so terribly.

Ann, Niki and Kia - thank you for sharing Ali, your home, meals, and your lives with so many of us through the years. You were everything to him and he loved you all so, so dearly. Big hugs to you all.