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Ali was one of the good guys. Ali was a clairvoyant. Ali was my Masters thesis advisor. Ali understood leadership and organisational behaviour like very few do. Ali was my friend.

I first met Ali in 2001 and it was this chance meeting that made me move to Canada for graduate school. I had the privilege of knowing him and benefiting from his astute understanding of human nature and academia over the last two decades. Not only did he have the capacity to forecast what would happen, he also took the time to mentor people and share his wisdom.

There is a lot I learnt from Ali. Above everything, what I remember most about Ali was his easy-going nature and humility. I remember our conversations on the importance of functional and friendly workplaces with low tolerance for prima donnas or special deals. I also remember Ali’s desire to build a community and connect people across geographies, something that is admirable and so rare in academia. His contributions through the GLOBE project are an exemplar of this ability to connect and create a critical mass of people working towards a common goal. Another thing I remember from our conversations is the importance of voice and trying to influence outcomes even if one perceives that it may not matter. We should not underestimate how we all can have an impact in our way.

I will remember meeting Ali over the years in Delhi, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Victoria, Berlin, and Dublin. He was a very special person and will be dearly missed. Ali, thank you for your friendship.

My deepest condolences to Ali’s family and friends.