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You were the light in our lives.
You demonstrated how to Live ,how to Love, how to Laugh, how to Listen, how to Laugh again.
How to be the best you can be .
Never to judge. Earning friendships by being a friend.
We will keep holding on to the richness you brought to our lives.
We shall love and miss you eternally. Words fail to express our sorrow for now, but we will go on following your light and being the best we can be in your memory. You filled your life with so many adventures and joys, we hope to at least to live with optimism and see our glass full.
Ann our beautiful sister, he could not have loved and adored you more. Kia and Nikisa he was so proud of you, loved you with all his heart.
Amir, Yassi and Will and all other members of the family, we are so vey sorry, he was devoted to you.
Wrapping you all tightly with our love, Carole and John
We will be sure to wear a tea towel on our shoulder in the kitchen, one never knows when the urge to have a shot of vodka and do a Greek dance may hit.