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Ali was a great mentor and I will be forever thankful for the time I've gotten to know him and learn from him. I first met Ali during our dean search process in 2015 and shortly after he started with us at Beedie, I went on maternity leave and would not be working directly with him for at least another year. Not only was I not expecting communication from a boss who I had yet to work for but certainly not the kind of notes that he sent where he recounted the small details from our conversations about this next stage in my life and encouraged me to enjoy this time with my newborn. From my interactions with him - be it work or about home life, he listened to all the "big things" but never at the expense of the "small things" either. He is deeply loved by our students for this reason too. In the lead up to hosting JDC West at Beedie, our student organizers were so proud to be representing Ali - a true legend in the JDCW world for all his years in supporting the competition - hosting it at al three schools that he had been a Dean at. My favourite memory was of opening ceremony - as he took the stage, 600 students from Western Canada, chanted Ali Ali Ali! At closing ceremonies - I recall, it had been a long week with the Canadian Western Dean's meetings and he came to the ceremonies at 7pm and quietly said to me - "Rosy, I might not be here the whole night as I'm quite tired" - but at the intermission as many other faculty members, guests and Deans had to head off to sleep, he hurried to get another cup of coffee as he realized it was going to be a big night for our students. At 1am, I can still see Ali, laughing and jumping up and down and rushing to the side of stage each time our students took home a trophy just to give them a hand down the stairs and congratulate them. At the end, he stayed the whole night, outlasting even many of our alumni, congratulating our students and thanking each of our student organizers. He was truely a champion of the undergraduate student experience. Ali, you are so loved by your students and alumni here at Beedie and it has been my honour to have worked for you. My sincere condolenses to Ann and the family.