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I first met Ali more than 20 years ago at the University of Lethbridge and always found him an inspiration and mentor. He inspired confidence, creativity, and vision... when working with him and around him, I never wanted to let him down. Through the years we remained in touch whether he was at UVic or at SFU, and he always offered sagely advice and words of heart felt authentic support. When I think about his ability to foster relationship, I am reminded that the core elements of a successful team are the way that we connect with each other.

One of the benefits of knowing Ali was the connections that came with it. He spoke fondly of his connection with Mansour and brought him to facilitate one of our faculty retreats. It was a clinic in how to do that and watching the two of them interact with each other was a lesson in collaboration. The last time that I saw Ali it was in Edmonton and we shared a table at a dinner. We reminisced about the Edmonton Campus and laughed as we thought of the years that had gone by. As always, he was the model of graciousness. He will always be my Dean. My heartfelt condolences go out to Ann and the girls.