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It was a bad news. Ali's death shocked and upset us. I want to offer my condolences to all his family and friends around the world. Our hearts are saddened by this incident. About 20 years ago, Ali and Dr. Javidan were teaching an MBA program in Iran, and I met them. He was a great teacher, a kind friend, forgiving, thoughtful and humble. I remember that he came to our organization (IMI) in Tehran last year to talk about the GLOBE 2020. My friends saw him for the first time and they were very eager to communicate with him. Ali calmly answered all their questions. He took pictures and had lunch with them and laughed at their Iranian jokes. Everyone really loved him.
We will mourn for him in Tehran. We cry for his absence and read the Quran. We ask God to give him paradise for his kindness and for what he did to develop science in the world.
We will pray and ask God to give his family the power to bear this endless grief.
رحمت خداوند بر روح پاکش باد
Habibi- Tehran