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I have spent the last several days thinking of Ali and reading these wonderful tributes. What an amazing roll model Ali was and will continue to be for academics, students, business people and families. I recall when my son was a young boy playing hockey. Often, after a game or practice I would try and point out to him those adults who stood out as people with special qualities who would be a strong role model. My son is a grown man now but I was thinking that if he were young today I would say “you see that man over there? That is Ali Dastmalchian, and I would be so proud if you were to grow up to be like him.”

If every educator was like Ali what amazing graduates and body of research we would have!

Ann, Nikki and Kia, these wonderful tributes and values Ali has left you will give you strength for the rest of your lives and eventually will give you peace.

Ricki and I send our love.