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Murdith and I are sad to learn about Ali’s passing. Many fond memories of him are passing through my mind. He became Dean one year after I arrived at UVic. My first memories of Ali are his wonderful food. He was really an amazing cook. I loved his stories dreaming about being a man he called Ricardo. He loved hats to complement Ricardo’s character! I remember the big smile in his face when I bought him a Che Guevara beret from Cuba. Ali was curious about people and cultures. As Dean, Ali worked incessantly for the school, and at the same time he was an active researcher. Chatting with him was a dialogue with a fellow researcher. One day, Ali told me – as though thinking out loud, “Yeah, you are a big picture researcher,” and he encouraged me to keep looking at the world in that way. I missed him when he left UVic. He listened, and understood differences.

In 2018, I had the privilege of travelling with him by car on our way to the Academy of Management in Chicago, when our plane couldn't land in Chicago and we had to land somewhere in Idaho. Ali immediately rented a van and five or six of us travelled through the night, sharing stories and laughing. Thanks to him, we arrived safely in Chicago at five in the morning.

Ali adored Annie. They were so good together and I hope the precious memories help her pain.
Nikki and Kia, your father was so proud of you both. Our thoughts are with all of you.