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Dear Ann and Family,
Ali was not only an amazing Dean and leader, but truly a caring and incredibly warm human being. He seemed to have more energy than just about anyone I have ever met – and an incredible ability to fly around the world several times a year and never seem to suffer from jet-lag. He was truly a citizen of the world and we would joke; ‘is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know Ali.’
Ali was a joy to work with and had a fantastic sense of humour. As others have said, I never felt he was the boss, but more of the champion and chief cheerleader. He was also incredibly able to see the big picture, but also understand the details and nuances needed to move things forward. Before he became Dean of Beedie, I had heard that Ali was great to work with but that I would likely work harder than ever before. That was definitely my experience and I was willing to work harder because he motivated me to think bigger about what was possible and stay excited about the journey.
Ali always spoke warmly about his family and Ann was frequently by his side at various events – a true partnership and a joy to be around. He will not just be remembered for all his amazing accomplishments as an educator and researcher, but most of all for being a husband, dad, friend and supporter of so many people.