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Dear Ann,

I apologize that it has taken me a few days to be able to write these lines. The devastating news about Ali’s passing has reached us fully unprepared. But can we ever be “prepared” for something that is so ravaging as the loss of a person like Ali? Words cannot express the sadness that I feel. Ali was such an exemplary and admirable person: warm, full of understanding, tolerant of different perspectives, never tiring when trying to achieve a goal, in short: a role model for the people who were privileged to know him in private and in professional life.

Memories of our encounters fill my mind: invitations at your home, your visit at our place, the liquor tasting at my brother’s and of course the professional conversations, when Ali was trying to reconcile diverging ideas and thereby contributed substantially towards giving birth to such wonderful things as the MGB program and many other fabulous projects. Ali was able to accomplish so many things and to bring out the good in the people who were working with him. For this reason, he will never be forgotten.

I realize that this is only a small consolation for you. At this point, there is very little except for the support of your children and your close family that can help you live with the deep grief and the emptiness that fills your heart. Nevertheless, it may be a solace at a later stage to know how much Ali was appreciated and loved by the people who knew him.

If life ever takes you to this part of the world again, please understand that you will always find a warm welcome at our home.

Please accept our deepest condolences for your and your family's loss.

Evelyne and Karl Glaser