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I am deeply saddened by learning the loss of “Dear Professor Ali”, a beautiful person, a great leader and an impressive researcher. His lost is causing an inexpressibly deep agony. My prayers, thoughts and condolences are with his family.

Ali was a great mentor who patiently listens, motivates, inspires and unites his mentees by his wisdom and humble leadership. I first met Ali during my PhD studies at Bogazici University, and honored to have worked with him since then for many years on his research projects. He had an overwhelming impact not only on the way I approach research, but also on how to value my academic career as a way to contribute to the community.

Beyond all his virtues, first and foremost Ali was a kind, loving and caring person who was always there for you as one of your family. Ali and Ann shared the most important facets of my life; my birth to my twins, the first birthday party of Ela and Can, the hard times when I struggled with my son’s speech therapy, and at so many other times they were there as a loving uncle and aunty.

Dear Professor Ali: You are a special soul who has touched our hearts beyond our lives. We are all grateful to you for giving us a place in your beautiful heart. You are in our lives, and you will always be. Hope to come together one day….
Gaye Karacay (from Istanbul / Turkey).