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Like so many who have written heartfelt tributes here, I felt seen, heard, and valued by Ali. These leadership qualities, coupled with strategic vision, deep organizational experience, curiousity and the willingness to experiment, enabled Ali to bring the best out of the many people and organizations he led. Informed by his research and through leading faculty accreditation assessments around the world, Ali had rich insight into how and why a faculty and a university might work better and the courage and skill to enact meaningful change.

Ali’s death came as such a shock to those of us who had pictured him relaxing and regenerating (and perhaps catching up on research) between 5 year terms as Dean. It’s taken me this long to process that he’s no longer with us. I am very grateful for his mentor ship and support these past 5 years. Reflecting on our many interactions, looking back on email correspondence, reading these tributes through tears, and hearing the memories of my colleagues, I appreciate even more how kind and generous and genuine he was. And how many lives he touched. We feel his presence in the very culture of SFU Beedie, and elements of his organizational and leadership legacy will continue to make positive impact for decades to come through the many faculty and staff he mentored.

To Ann, Kia, and Nikisa - my deepest condolences on your heartbreaking loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.