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Ali hired me in 2005 to look after the GLOBE project and handle the day to day administrative operations of GLOBE. As a young grad student with the world in front of me I had no idea that this would be a life changing offer. During my tenure as Ali's RA, my world has opened. I have been able to support myself and my family while finishing my MA, beginning and (nearly) finishing my Phd and becoming a parent once, and then again. Throughout these milestones Ali was there to congratulate me and support my growth. I have heard a few folks reflect on how he seemed to take personal pleasure and joy in watching the achievements of those around him. I felt that very much. When my first child was born I remember checking the mail to find the sweetest and most unexpected hand written note and baby book. I couldn't believe that he and Ann would trouble themselves to find the time for such a gesture. Then again, the same thing when my second son was born. Ali's heart was big enough for every single person in his life no matter their role or level of "importance". Over the years, I often told my friends and colleagues in GLOBE that I had never worked for a better person, and I really meant it. As I grow in my role as a parent and an aspiring academic in my field I will look to his example often. I will ask myself what would Ali do. I will recall the way he seemed calm and trusting in moments of uncertainty, like he knew some greater truth that I didn't. I will try to emulate the way in which he seemed to meet and respect each and every person where they are, and how they are without judgement. I will try to use my gifts in the way that he did his--always in the service of others, and always with a smile. Thank you Nikisa, Kia and Ann for sharing Ali 's light with us. I am so honoured to have known him and I will treasure his memory.

With love and gratitude,

Natasha and family