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Ali, I’ll miss you.
We came to Beedie around the same time, and where I was working before I had been junior faculty and never too involved in the operations of the place. You invited me into the “room,” encouraged me to serve on your reform committee, made my contributions feel valuable, and gave me advice and support along the way.
You were always warm and generous, with your focus and your time. I appreciated how you listened more than talked, and worked hard more than dictated. You modeled thoughtful, inclusive leadership, bringing people together and balancing their views while charting out a path forward. You left Beedie a stronger, kinder, more engaged place. You made me comfortable at Beedie, like you did with so many others.
I remember when we were recruiting PhD students this spring, you even made an RA offer to the spouse of one of our admitted students to help recruit them. I can’t imagine another leader getting so personally involved to make the School a better place. It reveals your dedication: to excellence, to people, to place.
Thank you for everything you taught me. I’m devastated that you were fighting cancer this summer while I pictured you enjoying a much-deserved break from dean duties. My sincerest condolences to Ann, Kia, and Nikisa for your loss.