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It's incredible to read over the tributes here and remember Ali's professional accomplishments. To me, he was first Nikisa's Dad, a caring man who was interested and engaged with the world and his family. With Ann, he always provided a safe place for movie nights and small parties for Nikisa's friends. There are few parents who could balance engaging with a roving band of regular visitors while giving them space to goof off as well as they did. He never needed to be involved but always on board whenever he was called upon.

Like the time he happily presented Laura with a substitute diploma wearing his Dean regalia then worked a small crowd making sure everyone was having a good time. Then sharing my annoyance when everyone wouldn't eat together. I thought that night of how rare it is to get to eat with a group of young adults together with their parents to eat together. I never imagined it would be the last time we would all sit and share stories together.

Ann, Kia and Nikisa, I cannot imagine what this loss feels like, but the enormity is easy to sense. I hope you feel the love of this community for you as you move forward to one day smile and laugh again. My deepest condolences and most heartfelt wish that you feel Ali's presence every day.