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My sincerest condolences to Ann, Kia and Nikisia for the loss of a husband and a father. As many have mentiond already; Ali was a friend, a leader, a visionary, and a very special individual who could reach out and connect with anyone. He left such a deep impression with me and I feel I was lucky to have known and worked with him. Ali was the kindest and most thoughtful individual. I remember when my daughter was born and I came back from two weeks off and he saw me and gave a gift of a book and a matching out fit for the book. We still read the book almost nightly and it reminds me of his warmth and generosity. To Ann and the kids, my heart goes out to you during this difficult time and I send my deepest sympathy and hugs. May you take solace in knowing that Ali will be forever with us through beautiful memories and his wisdom that he imparted on all those he connected with.