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It is with sadness mixed with fond memories that I write this tribute to Ali. I first met Ali when he attended the Children’s Rehab Center Christmas party. Ann and I were colleagues and friends. I watched in amazement how Ali, the guest in the room not only introduced himself to everyone, he made everyone there feel at ease. Such was one of many of Ali’s gifts.
I was a new grad and working on my first paper. Ali was happy to review it for me. Ann returned it to me with hesitation as it looked like a red pen exploded all over my paper. Ali spared no effort in helping me learn how not to write a paper . However, with his guidance, I did get published.
Ali was a brilliant academic, a loving husband and father, and a friend to anyone who had the privilege of meeting him.
Ali, you will be missed dearly.
With love and deepest sympathy to Ann, Kia, and Nikisa,
Donna & Graeme