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Name: Don Owens
What High School Years did you play football at Ogden High School? 1960 and 1961
Why did you play football? I really didn't want to play football as demonstrated my sophomore year. My Dad was disappointed that one of his sons wasn't playing football so the next year I played.
What position(s) did you play and what do you remember most about those years? My junior year, I played "6" end and my senior year, I played blocking back. My senior year, after Johnny Rosas was killed, we were scheduled to play Davis High. Steve McGarry came on a "come back" block and almost decapitated the Davis player. We crushed Davis after losing Johnny.
Sophomore: Didn't Play
Junior: '6' End
Senior: Blocking Back
On the positive side, Why did you like Coach Johansen, Christensen, Bott or any other football coaches you had? Norrie was friendly and always liked to make some joke. His jokes were intended to make you a better player. Wilf was intense.
When you started playing football at Ogden, was there any person you looked up to and why? Brent Smith was from my neighborhood and I always looked up to him. I wore his jersey number in football and basketball.
Who were your best friends on the football team and why? My best friends were Les Ogden, Jay Gardner, Bud Parker and Culley Christensen. Les, Jay and I are from the same neighborhood and commuted together. Bud and Cullley were good friends from Central Junior High days
Why do you think Ogden Football was successful? Ogden was successful because at that time they were one of the largest schools in the state which afforded them an equally large player pool. Team success was due to two factors: (1). On offense, we had about 10 plays and every player knew his assignment. In addition, each play required a double team and trap at the point of attack. It was difficult for a lineman to defend. (1). Our defense was equally simple with very clear assignments.
What is your favorite memory about playing football at Ogden? Favorite Play or Game? See earlier comment.
What did you learn from playing football at Ogden? learned to deal with people of all different colors and backgrounds. All players were trying to work with each other for the goal of the time.

Once You Left Ogden High School:
Did you continue to play football in college? No
What did you learn from Ogden Football that applied to your college football career?
Did you serve a mission, military or any other volunteer position? No
What did you learn from playing football at Ogden High School that helped you in your business career or just in life in general? Se the answer to the question about learning from playing football.
Is there anything specific that you would like to share? Periodically, Even though we lived lived different parts of the country; Les, Jay and I would meet Norrie and Wilf at Davis Park and play a round of golf.