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Ogden High School Football Alumni
Les Ogden

What High School Years did you play football at Ogden High School?
1960, 1961 and 1962

Why did you play football?
It was an activity that most of the kids in the neighborhood played in their yards. Adults would take us to Ogden High football games. The interest to play was developed at a early age.

What position(s) did you play and what do you remember most about those years?
The opportunity to play a number of games. Soph (soph and JV) Jr ( JV and Varsity) play-offs It was great opportunity to develop and improve your skills
Sophomore Tailback and defense corner
Junior Tailback and defense corner
Senior Tailback and defense corner
On the positive side, Why did you like Coach Johansen, Christensen, Bott or any other football coaches you had?
Coach Johansen set the challenge are sophomore year. He scheduled a meeting first thing before any practice and let us know the year before they had won the state championship and the Junior varsity and sophomore teams had gone undefeated. We all left the meeting feeling we did not want to be the first losing team in the schools history. I felt confidence in their abilities and understanding of the game and the respectful manner the dealt with players.

When you started playing football at Ogden, was there any person you looked up to and why?
Most of the players I looked up to were lineman who had to bring 100% to every play.

Who were your best friends on the football team and why?
Jay Gardner, Don Owens, Bud Parker and Cully Christensen. They were in my neighborhood and played with thru some Jr. High 8th grade and three years at Ogden

Why do you think Ogden Football was successful?
It had 3 Jr. High schools developing future players. Great coaches and a successful history.

What is your favorite memory about playing football at Ogden?
Playing in the state championship game.
Favorite Play or Game?
Beating Logan High School to get to the state championship

What did you learn from playing football at Ogden?
That hard work pays off. Playing with a clear head focused on every play. Staying positive and supporting others

Once You Left Ogden High School:

Did you continue to play football in college? Yes

Where? Weber State College

Position? Running back and special teams
What did you learn from Ogden Football that applied to your college football career?

Did you serve a mission, military or any other volunteer position? No

What did you learn from playing football at Ogden High School that helped you in your business career or just in life in general?
That success is achieved by helping and supporting those around you because to get most things done when you have learn to work with others.

Is there anything specific that you would like to share?
I felt it was one of the best experience of my life in preparing to deal with all the challenges that come later in life. Winning and losing help you understand and adjust to life the challenges you will face.