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What High School Years did you play football at Ogden High School?1960,1961,1962
Why did you play football? Because that is what boys did with pride.
What position(s) did you play and what do you remember most about those years,three man,,punter, inside guard/line backer.
sophomore all 4 positions junior.all 4
Senior. same 4 ,co captain with LES, JAY
On the positive side, Why did you like Coach Johansen, Christensen, Bott or any other football coaches you had? All coaches were team men teaching boys the best way to win.
When you started playing football at Ogden, was there any person you looked up to and why?yes, all the upper class
Who were your best friends on the football team and why? all team members were all friends
Why do you think Ogden Football was successful? sophomors played wed,juniors played thursday, seniors played friday,some of us played all three days.
what is your favorite memory about playing football at Ogden? Favorite Play or Game?we were on stage all the time 43 trap/ state finals
What did you learn from playing football at Ogden? team work is every thing, just do your job.

Once You Left Ogden High School:
Did you continue to play football in college?yes ,one year BYU
Position? Same as high school ,same system
What did you learn from Ogden Football that applied to your college football career?team work
Did you serve a mission, military or any other volunteer position?no
What did you learn from playing football at Ogden High School that helped you in your business career or just in life in general?work hard play hard,and have fun.
Is there anything specific that you would like to share?
norrie, you were the right man,in the right spot,at the right time, we thank you.