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Name : Robert R. Petersen

What High School Years : 57, 59
Positive Side : Coach Apostol and Coach Johanson. Great coaches who brought us together in 59 (actually fall of 58 ) To win the state championship . First in 42 years
Friends on the team : All teammates plus special friends Glen Richardson, Bruce Samples, Joe Lalli, Roger Baird, Bob McConnell
Favorite Memory : Winning state Championship and all the practices we went through to succeed. Togetherness of all teammates to achieve the championship. It was special.
Any thing I would like to share : A TRIBUTE COACH NORRIE JOHANSON
Now I will call him Norrie since I'm almost as old as he is. When I first met Norrie he was a young man, World History teacher, and football coach. I have a friend named Robert J. Petersen who also played football. (one year younger). Norrie named us Big Pete and Little Pete. Naturally I was Little Pete even though I was older. I guess it was 190 lbs. versus my 150 lbs. He still makes that distinction between us.
In closing Norrie was movie star handsome. All the girls swooned about him and the boys wanted to be like him. playing football Norrie was fun. ( Coaches were big reason we took state) Norrie also has a great dry wit . ( fun to be around) He always knows you when he sees you. Found out today that he has a nickname " ROCKET" (Fits him perfectly)
It has been a honor to know him all these years A SPECIAL MAN !!