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Culley K. Christensen

What High School Years did you play football at Ogden High School?
’59-’60, ’60-’61, ’61-‘62
Why did you play football?
Playing high school football was simply a continuation of social norms formed in Junior High
What position(s) did you play and what do you remember most about those years?
Sophomore - tackle offence and defense
Junior – tackle offence and defense
Senior – tackle offence and defense
On the positive side, Why did you like Coach Johansen, Christensen, Bott or any other football coaches you had?
A major reason was that their criticisms were result and performance oriented, structural, simple to grasp and impersonal.
When you started playing football at Ogden, was there any person you looked up to and why?
I all ways thought of Wayne Flelix , who was one year ahead of me at the same position , as the one to emulate
Who were your best friends on the football team and why?
Don Owens, and Les Ogden because we had friendships dating back to junior high – where we played 3 years of basketball and football together
Why do you think Ogden Football was successful?
From my perspective, Nori”s system was straight forward , uncomplicated and well worked out with, seemingly, universal application
What is your favorite memory about playing football at Ogden? Favorite Play or Game?
I think we were playing Logan in our senior year play offs, struggling, when with seconds to go before half time when Les Ogden completed a 40 yard pass to Curt Stettler who was standing on the goal line promptly fell into the end zone for a well needed up lift.
What did you learn from playing football at Ogden?
The value of organized sports and commitment to a worthy cause
once you Left Ogden High School:
Did you continue to play football in college?
What did you learn from Ogden Football that applied to your college football career?
Did you serve a mission, military or any other volunteer position?
Yes, mission, and Coast Guard
what did you learn from playing football at Ogden High School that helped you in your business career or just in life in general?
I was very much converted by a Johansen motivational aphorism. In one of our first meetings with Nori he said: “If you gain three yards per down, you will never loose a game.” No flair, flash or panache. One just has to be committed to consistency and show up on every down. Furthermore, “not loosing” is a form of winning. This is a fundamental commitment to life that helped me succeed at nine years of post graduate work, and achieve life’s goals.

Thank You Nori!