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Dear mom and dad

Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by
Dear mom and dad

I was not very close with my family due to certain issues when I was in high school, which left a gap between me and my parents. Also, in our traditional family, we tend to keep feelings deep in our hearts and because of that, I rarely express my love to them.

Nevertheless, I still know that they love me as their child and I truly appreciate everything they have done for me. I would not achieve what I have today or be who I am without their guidance and ‘strictness’. Lacking the ability to understand and put myself in their shoes, I failed to appreciate their guidance as well as sacrifices, and even distanced myself from the family.

However, now that I am more mature and able to think rationally, I realize that everything they did was out of a kind heart, hoping for me to succeed and improve myself. Although the measures taken may not suit me, but I am grateful to have someone who cares for my progress in life.

Furthermore, the conflict we had made me more mature and I am very thankful for that experience which enables me to be prepared to face the challenges in life. I learned to be strong and remain calm in the face of adversities. Recently, when I go back home during the semester break, I noticed the wrinkles on their faces. That made me sad as I realized that they are not as strong as they seem on the surface; they age throughout these years while sacrificing and contributing to support the family and raise me and my sister.

However, I was careless and did not notice that before this. Being more thoughtful now, I am very grateful to have such amazing parents who have given me the best they could while raising me. Now, they are both retired and I am very happy for them, since they are not free to enjoy life and travel to places they have been anticipating for many years.

They have been working hard for the family for these years, and now it is me and my sister’s turn to take the responsibility.

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