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Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by

Here’s a tribute to my best friend or to be exact, my soul mate, Yuan Wei (Disney).

We knew each other in college, and got very close in a short time. She is an amazing person, with extreme cuteness and an outgoing personality, which is the opposite of my character, in which I am more serious and reserved.

My growing experience made me more matured than my peers, which somehow reduced the innocence in me to enjoy crazy stuff. However, spending time with Disney brought me back to the rather ‘innocent’ times, where a teen should enjoy childish stuff at their age.

It is a two-way influence in our relationship, in which she brings a lively mood whilst I guide her on more formal and serious matters.

Although we are separated now in different campuses, we still keep in touch and care about each other’s wellbeing. We have a matured friendship, in which we respect each other’s tight schedule and do not demand instant replies for minor issues. This relieves a lot of pressure from me in maintaining our precious friendship, unlike the relationship with other friends where they would be unhappy when we are not consistently chatting.

She loves TF Boys (a boy band in China) and is sooo crazy for them, especially Jackson. TF Boys worked very hard to gain their fame that they enjoy today. As students, they had to juggle between their academic performance as well as their band activities. The fighting spirit portrayed by the boys motivated Disney to strive for her goals in life.

Pursuing the major she actually enjoys, I love to see her having enthusiasm and positivity when encountering projects which is the contrary of her experience when forced to study a subject she didn’t enjoy. Besides finding her role in academia, she is also discovering her real self in life, in which she is aware of her life goals and is actually enjoying her life instead of merely focusing on academics.

I hope to see her progress in life, and will always be there for her whenever she’s in need.

All the best, Disney

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