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Feelin' Fresh & Fine

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 , by
Feelin' Fresh & Fine

Do you recall that feeling when you feel better than ever, or maybe the best version of yourself? I get this euphoric feeling after a hard workout, and a long day full of walking and hiking.

Today, I walked a five mile hike and then worked out on the eliptical for 25 minutes. This may just be some mindless information that no one way even pay attention to. But, trust me on this information, working out and exercising brings out the best in me. Any form of exercise that allows you to break a sweat soon becomes a huge smile, and a sense of relief, and a good way to kill anxiety.

Man, is there any form of therapy that works better than exercise? It almost solves all my problems and allows me to finally let go of all the stress from the day.

Some days I enjoy beginning my day with a hike, or maybe a long walk. Walks and hikes are great places to clear your mind and cluttered thoughts. I would recommend finding the nearest trailhead and taking it straight up the mountain. I, personally, prefer getting a workout in outside and in nature. Nature serves as a therpeautic place for me to lower my anxiety, and I feel as though it does the same for most individuals.

The hardest part, even for me, is taking that first step out of the door. I have been waiting to get a good workout in, such as the one I did today, for about a week. Yes, seven whole days.

I finally did it! I may have gone a little overboard, and do expect to be formally sore to the bone tomorrow, but I know that I will sleep wonderfully and feel better than I normally do.

Incorporating physical activitiy in your day is something that our society does not prioritize. In fact, society promotes the opposite, so I challenge you to try to take the first step out of the door and kickstart your day with a wonderful workout. The positive effects that come out of it are endless.

Not only do you physically feel better, but I also find that my sense of wellbeing and overall self-love levels have risen higher than usual. Working out and exercising have more positive benefits that go beyond being physically healthier. Exercise allows you to finally start to love yourself and feel good about yourself, inside and out.

I am writing this tribute, after the longest workout of my life, and my words of advice are, "YOU CAN DO IT!"


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