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Happiness, Friend and Therapist

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 , by
Happiness, Friend and Therapist

How strange it is that the things that were punishments when I was a kid, should now be my favourite things. Food, sleep and solitude - my happiness in a nutshell.

Hot and comforting. Cold and soothing. Smooth and crunchy. Sweet and sour. Salt and pepper. Creamy everything. I would sell my soul for peppermint crisp, potatoes and carrot cake. Bring the pizza and pasta and I will sing like an Italian.

Apricots, bacon, cheese...alphabet of yummy. Pineapple, peaches, grapes, melons and strawberries - full on taste explosions. Don't forget the chicken cordon bleu, creme brule and cherry-topped cupcakes. Even the corn, carrots, spinach and peas. Pies, salads, mashed potatoes and braaivleis. Freshly baked cheese rolls with butter. I love them all. They make me happy...

Fluffy pillows and cozy blankets. Absolute bliss drifting off into a world only I know. They say we need at least 8 hours of sleep - I will by no means argue.

Relaxing. Drifting. Dreaming of all the wonderful things that can be. All the things that are beautiful and kind and positive. A few sheep wander past. Flowers and rainbows and rainy days. Rain is the best sleeping companion. Sleep is my blanket for making sense of the world. It is my escape. Sleep is my friend and without my friend I get very grumpy...

Quiet. Stars. Reading. My favourite show. Cooking. Colouring. Music. Raindrops. My cozy pillow. Go to your room! Sure...children don't know what they are missing. Solitude is my therapist. Thoughts run wild. Journal fills up. My soul rejuvenates. People exhaust me. My therapist recommends some time to just be.

In solitude I find myself and my dreams and desires. In me it finds the fears and worries and craziness and soaks it up. It heals my soul and clears my mind. It saves me.


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