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Love of my life

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 , by
Love of my life

Once in my life I met an Angel... from that moment all changes.

The 8th of March 2017 at the airport in Manila I touched her hand for the first time. Looking into her sparkling eyes in real felt like an earthquake in my stomach. My heartbeat run faster. If we hug for the first time I got goosebump all over the body. My brain stopped working. Only deep emotions overwhelmed me. That must be the feeling if you come to paradise.

A few weeks ago after long time looking for love in internet i met a very special woman on a dating site. It needs gain a few weeks until we chatted for the first time. Very fast she asked me if I want see her on cam. And before I could answer I saw her smile on the screen of my laptop. Wowww!

It started an intense conversation for a couple of days. Soon I realized that this woman who fascinate me every day is a gift from heaven I waited for such a long time. I want meet her as soon as possible. It should be fate that I bought the flight ticket to Manila before I met her. So it was easy to have a first date in real only 5 weeks after the first talk online.

It starts nervous feeling. Growing day by day until reaching the airport in Manila. I couldn t wait for my suitcase. An endless time felt these few minutes before I was able to hug her. I didn t see the people around us. Only the sparkling Angel in front of me I saw. I melt looking at her smile. It felt like the first sunray in the morning. Crazy that her whole family was around her. But it doesn t matter now. The life stand still at this moment. There are only that Angel and me.

Since this day nothing in my life is like it was before. I  enjoy every day as a wonder. This Angel I met become the queen of my heart. The meaning of my life become a new image. The name that is branded in my heart is Sheryl.

The travel of love goes on. And every morning I wake up I feel I was born to love this sparkling Angel. To take care of her and create a heaven for her is all I want. Let's see if it runs ...


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