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Friday, October 9th, 2020 , by

Hi  my name is maryam I am 20 years old with immune deficiency disorder since I was 4 the first time it started I had a seizure so they had to take take me to the ambulance so when the ambul came they came and got me and put me behind the the ambulance I mean it was to Scary for me I was so young and confused on what was happening to me but when I got out the ambulance they took me to my hospital and they started rush ing me inside and started putting all them tubes on me my whole i have not had an good experience of of chdhood I just wish that i can atleast explore the world and do what I wanna do staying at my home all day its not healthy for me at i just wish I can get the support that I need right now i need a friend to cry on or something iv been feeling so depressed alot but yea make sure u follow me on insta @rieyathadancer and my yt channel is  : RIEYA'S LIFE  make to subscribe like and comment q

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