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Meet MOMO and the lifestyle we all desire

Friday, March 12th, 2021 , by
Meet MOMO and the lifestyle we all desire

Momo is unique. She has talents that people could only dream about. She also enjoys a lifestyle of extravagance.

At any time it is possible for her to eat and drink. A little nap that lasts several hours? Tenderness and affection with just one word? Adventures in the neighbor's garden? All no problem.

Now you must be wondering how this is possible in our society. This has several reasons: On the one hand, she captivates with her cute meow and smooth walking around.On the other hand, she is very appreciated as a valuable and constant member of the family and therefore very well cared for and treated.

Now about her talents. Watching the sunset on the window sill is almost standard, although this is not wider than herself. If she misses a step, it is already taken care of, because no matter how she falls, she always lands on her paws. Likewise your jumping power is unbeatable. Spontaneously jump into the closet of the roommate the multiple body height high? To hold off a sleep of several hours without thinking about the work? This sounds almost too good to be true. It almost creates an air of royalty.

Despite all the envy one might feel, we are happy to have her among us and appreciate her as a valuable roommate.

Claudia Kaegi

Claudia Kaegi

  • Saturday, 13 March 2021 21:46
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Dear Momo
We wish you many more years of your lifestyle. Stay healthy and happy. Your neighbours love you xxx