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Metallica - The Legend Continues

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 , by
Metallica - The Legend Continues

The Unfathomable thrill of the 2017 Edmonton Commonwealth Metallica Concert, has left me with an insatiable need to consume all concert, documentary and interview footage of this iconic legend we know as "METALLICA"

One of the things that I continue to see, is just how truly down to earth these men remain.  Watching as James Hetfield, takes the time to actually notice his crowd.  His recognition of how many individual lives are represented in that one place and time, and his wave or acknowledgement as high as the farthest seats, is a tribute to just how much this man realizes that the fans are the reason he is there.  All the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and loss of normal life these men endure, would be in vain if all of us were not there to recognize their dedication and to thank them in the only way, we as fans know how - by following their every command, like sheep.  We sing the lyrics for them, chant as instructed ( as we would anyway) and by the constant roar of our love for their sound and style.  Watching the sheer thrill and rush of pride each time James eyes his fans reacting under his command, is a true testament to just how in awe of what he and the rest of Metallica have accomplished, he remains.

While watching concert footage and documentaries, I began to wonder if the average Metallica fan has every really "REALLY" understood the sacrifice these men have made.  Yes, I know there are those who would scorn at this comment, thinking all the fame and notoriety are hardly a sacrifice.  But, indeed that is exactly what they men have done.  They sacrificed any sense of genuine privacy.  They do not have the luxury of tuning out around them, or avoiding the real world, in the same ordinary sense that you I can.  There is always a reporter, a cameraman, or some other form of self invasion, watching and waiting for their every stumble.   Do their fans truly appreciate the jolt of nerves these men swallow each time they jump onto an enormous stage surrounded by hundreds of thousands of volatile grenades, whose intentions may be true, but who just by the sheer number of them, outrank all possible safety guides, should the floodgates ever break?

Do we as fans, truly understand the precautions and unique challenges these men face just trying to raise "normal" families?  If you truly want to understand that I am on about, tune into youtube and watch Metallica's Russian Concert.  500,000 people at one concert.  A Half A Million people at one venue - Absolutely Insane!

But we can't get enough of you Metallica!  So while we sort of realize the sacrifices you make for us, we selfishly beg you to please continue the amazing journey of music, for it is very clear to us that indeed METALLICA - THE LEGEND CONTINUES!


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