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My Father, My Hero

Friday, November 13th, 2020 , by

My Father, My Hero

From childhood, I've always been close to my Dad, I was pegged as a daddy's baby because daddy will always make sure I get all I want and I am happy with it.

For this reason, I do things to interest him, to make him proud, I strive to be a "perfect" daughter and whenever my siblings at home want to get anything from our dad, they would pass through me.

Daddy's favourite quote remains " If you want to achieve an excellent result, be proactive! in all you do think fast". He loves all of his four children and his wife, and he's an advocate for family oneness.

In the morning, he would gather us all for family prayers, before we go to school he would always advise us to study hard, stay safe and be good at school. At night, we would all be together discussing and eating as one big family.

Tragedy struck us when we were still having a fill of our togetherness, the unthinkable happened, daddy mysteriously lost his companion, my mum and floated in the thought of how he could go on living in her absence.

It was a sad experience, those where our obscure moments, the worse and an unbelievable occurrence. The feeling was as if the heavens opened and poured tiny painful batteries that left a concealed scar in us and we woke up each morning with swollen eyes and heavy hearts hoping we would finally wake up from the nightmare.

People consoled us claiming they understood the sorrow we felt but, NO!!, no one did understand. It was that period I first felt a compassionate hug from daddy, he was weak, in grieve, broken and devastated but he held on, consoled us and tried his best to stay strong for us, it hurts! but he had his responsibility to us at heart.

I felt his pain, I knew how hard it was for him, but he stayed strong for us, no matter how things became tough he sent his children including the females to school until the finish. Heroes are born to save, heroes are given to live lives that reflect dignity, purpose, hope, strength and courage for those who have lost it.

My dad is typical of these. He gave us strength when we were down, he encouraged us, in our weakness he is indeed our source of strength, he sheerly enlightens his offsprings, no man can do better. Even when I am not confident in myself, he believes in me dauntlessly and encourages me to push on.

He calls us together, even when we are obstinate, he would correct and instruct us diligently towards the right path to follow and it turns out his ideas are usually the perfect once. He's a philanthropist, a motivator, an amazing personality, an inspiration, an embodiment of kindness and love, a radical Christian, a determinist.

As the night falls and we are all at sleep, my sweet daddy would always check to see if we're sleeping fine and peacefully. He played the role of both a father and a mother to us, he talks to us and encourages us on the best practices to follow with morals, love and discipline.

When I'm down he's lost, when I'm sick he's troubled, when I'm in pains he's broken, when I'm weak the thought of him invigorates me He takes none of his children as a joke, he loves us so dearly. I respect his friendly nature, meekness and care towards others I wake up every morning eager to pray for him, I pray unreluctantly for his old age to be a reality and that he would harvest with us the fruits of his labour. We're his investment, he's our aider.

Oh! I yarn, I yarn for those days, those days of fulfilments to come, when I'm done with my studies and I'll make daddy proud and happy. I'm excited when he's happy.

How much love I've shown him back; I do not know, but I want to show him more and more love unending that its authenticity would spread afar like the wisdom of Solomon.

I do what I do for him, to make him proud of me. I model after his good virtues because he's my hero. He's still strong and bouncing because God has granted him the grace to overcome his worries and problems He's my greatest source of human inspiration, if I had ever told anyone else "I love you", the love I have for daddy is matchless!

Parentally incomparable, I love him more than anyone else He's all I've got as a parent, an instructor and an adviser

To my daddy, You are my superhero, they say every individual has at least one special gift given to each person, you are my most special gift. I am proud to be given life through you.

I long for those days when I'll be the one providing for your needs when you're old and grey, just as you have loved me when I was vulnerable up until now, I love you too and will always do.

For all that you do, Here's a big thank you pop.

Annabel Enu

Annabel Enu

  • Friday, 13 November 2020 14:37
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This is a tribute to my able dad. I love him so much and I love to see him happy.
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